Anni visits – Dinnerparty

I woke up at 9 because I thought Anni was awake and I heard her move around in my apartment, however as I opened the door to the living room and found her sound asleep, I went back to bed and suddenly it was 11 am :D

I woke up Anni and made her coffee and breakfast before we headed downtown to the city. We started out in the Vigeland park watching the statues there and the beautiful crispy winter weather! It was such a lovely day. Sunny and beautiful. Anni is great company so we had lots of fun throughout the day.

After Vigeland Anni and I went down to Grønland to visit the import stores where they sell fabrics and sewing equipment. I found a beautiful Roberto Cavalli fabric that I will make a dress out of. Ok it was not the cheapest thing I have ever böught, but it certainly is the prettiest fabric I ever owned ! Pure Silk.

We also stopped to have a energizer refill consisting of wafles with brown cheese and strawberry jam !! Yummy.

Once we had checked through all the fabric stores in the area we headed up to National Theatre and walked down Karl Johan street where we stopped at the parliament building and then later the castle :D

Before we went home we picked up salads and some snacks for the dinnerparty later on. The hilarious deal was that as we were sitting on the train platform, waiting for the train, Anni and I were so deeply involved in a conversation we didnt notice the train passing right in  front of our eyes… Darn. Not the best plan ever :D  We had to search for alternative options, metro – then bus, to get home. We were already running a bit late as we had to prepare dinner for our guests that were scheduled to arrive one hour later.

Phew. We got home in time and we continued making a delicious greek Moussaka. We put it in the oven just as Ricard and Lucy arrived and we shared a good deal of cooking wine (the wine you drink when you cook) while the dinner cooked. Lucy had made an amazingly delicious dessert for us ! We had a great night with lots of good wine and great company into the small hours of the night.

Thank you for coming all of you! Thank you for a great dinner party !!


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