Snowboard Pirate

This morning I woke up at 2:30 to take Anni to the bus stop so that she would get to her airport shuttle for Rygge airport.

Anni got safely on the bus and I went back to bed. However I was not able to fall asleep again until almost 5 am. Finally I got some well deserved hours of sleep and woke up at 10 am. THAT was much more like it for a Sunday morning !!!!

However, this morning was never meant for resting !!!! I readied myself in warm clothes, packed some drinks for breakfast and prepared for a day outside in the cold, beautiful weather. I took my snowboard under my arm and went outside where I cought the 79 to Grorud and the 31 to Stig and walked the 5 minutes to Grefsenkollen and got my daypass, before I started boarding.

I had agreed to meet my friend on site and spent the time while waiting to try out techniques and get familiar keeping the balanse on the board. Its really difficult!!! Especially considering this is my second time on a board (or any kind of skis) in 11 years …. However I rock !!! and I got better by the minute. I am liking this a lot ! Daniel arrived a few hours late, but thankfully I had a great time meanwhile and it was great spending the rest of the day in company instead of alone. I even learned a few new tricks and … I dared trying out the family hill several times today insteadĀ of only trying out the beginners hill…

At 5 pm they closed the elevators and we headed towards home.

Home again in my warm and kozy apartment I had to warm up with a superhot shower before I sat down in the couch, lit candles and watched Pirates of the Caribbean – At the worlds end.

Harr Harr

It was so nice to relax in the warmth – deeply hid under comforters and blankets – after a day with lots of outdoor activity.

Today is mothers day in Norway – hence I had to call my mother to congratulate her on the day as well :D


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