Tryvann – Snowboarding

Today I registered myself to start taking classes to learn how to drive. Big and exiting days in my life :D

At 2:30pm I went downtown to meet up with Daniel to go up to Tryvann. He was delayed due to a meeting so I went down to White Water where they had a great sale ! I bought a new jacket and a hat. Then I went back to meeting point.

Once Daniel was ready to go, we headed up to Tryvann and into the slopes. Ok. Not really the best for the whole balance thing – nor speed, I still had LOTS of fun and I learned a lot.

We also met Wouter and Thomas (friends from Couchsurfing) and spent some time with them as well, before we headed back to the city around 9pm.

This is me :D Yeah Yeah I know I look really insecure and all, but that will all get better as soon as I learn a lot more !

Dani and I went to grab something to eat before going home. A Kebab place at the bottom of Karl Johan became the choice of the day. That was nice.

We split agreeing to go back to Tryvann on Saturday …


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