Drivers lesson 2

Im back on the roads – Beware of the newbie!

So, today I had my second drivers lesson. IF you can call it the second. It is – for now. I took some classes back in 1996 (like i remember any of it) and then I drove some in 1997 with my dad and then I drove once in 2004. Apart from this I have not been let loose on the roads, however now all of this is changing.

Today we drove around Ammerud, then we took off to Sinsen, Grefsen and these areas. It is difficult, but… must admit that the level of being proud of my achievements is quite low ! He He He. I am proud of almost anything I manage to do! I have a big time difficulty reading all the signs and looking at the road at the same time. I also find it extremely difficult to change gears in a crossing while I have to do a turn where I dont have the overview of the cars coming from other directions (LOTS of snow today) and I use far too much time to change gears and forget to signalize when I’m about to stop :D

Fun time anyways !


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