Project Guestroom – Done sanding the floor !!


I have finished the job of sanding the floor in the guestroom !! I’m inmensely proud of myself (!) and the results are flattering !

Last night I went to Maxbo (the do-it-yourself store) to rent a floor sanding machine (actually 2, 1 huge one for the main part of the floor and 1 small one for the corners). However due to the huge amount of noise the machine made I could not work last night and had to wait to start until today.

I have hacked and hammered on the restpieces of the glue for almost 2 months now and last night my Couchsurfing friend, Maikel, and I finished hacking enough to rent the machines to do the rest.

Problem is that these machines get very hot while working and hence old glue and leftovers will melt with the fast process and the sandpapers can start burning. Not the best option :D

I still have to oil and enamel, but… that job’s just a piece of cake compared to the task I finished today !


2 responses to “Project Guestroom – Done sanding the floor !!

  1. Congratulations on the hard renovation work!! I am so proud to see your work and determination. We hope to come and visit you soon and celebrate this big achievement of yours! Hugs

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