Project Guestroom – New Couch

Im ready to take in guests!

Today my new couch arrived and its all set up now. Pictures on the walls – Flowers greeting you.

The only things missing right now is the wardrobe and the writing desk and some shelfs for storage :D, but that should be easily fixed !

Looking fwd to see you here !


7 responses to “Project Guestroom – New Couch

  1. This IS a tempting guestroom! Congratulations Marianne! You did it yourself – proud of you ;)

  2. Wow, well done you!! The floor looks abseloutely fantastic!!!

  3. If I do the Nordkapp I will keep it in mind for sure. Looks like I won’t do so finally though…

    Thanks Marianne, I apppreciate that.

  4. Wahou ! Just to let you know, I’m gonna sleep on that couch ! Oh yeah ! I’m gonna hitch to there !!!

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