First day in my NEW JOB with CA

Today I had my first day at my new job in CA (Computer Associates) Technologies Norway team.

I must say – I have never felt so welcome anywhere I have turned up for a first day at work EVER before. They had organized a full introduction programme for me including lots of meetings with all my new colleagues for the two first weeks and during the introduction round they were all so welcoming and nice. They had even organized a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me on my desk to make me feel extra welcome ! 

Flowers recieved from my colleagues as a welcome gift when I started working for CA

Thank you so much to all my new colleagues – I am so exited to be working with you!

My first day was full of meetings and I was exhausted by all the information I got that by 4 pm when my workday was over – I was exhausted. I went to bed before 9pm.


6 responses to “First day in my NEW JOB with CA

  1. Now isn’t it sweet? YES IT IS!

    Have a great new start Marianne, you deserve that.

    • Yes! It was amazingly sweet ! I am superstoked about how nicely I have been welcomed. However they are making high expectations for themselves for the future :D Hihihihihi

  2. Hey Sweetie!!! Congrats! Great that you got the job you wanted… well I actually never expected anything else!!!
    Welcome back to worklife!

    • THANK YOU Honey !!! I did get the job I wanted. Lots of travelling ! :D
      I am dead tired these days tho !! Not used to using my brain again… hihihihihihi

  3. Well… boobs were enough to get the job, but now it’s brains to keep the job ;-) You got plenty of both!
    Where will your travels take you?

    • Hehehe.. I think they focused on brains in the interview as well. At least I didnt wear a tiny tanktop showing off… Maybe I should have :D
      My first travel (that I know of) will be 1 week in London with work for a team meeting and training in mid april. I cant wait :D

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