Tim Burton – The Melancholy death of Oyster Boy

Some years ago a friend of mine gave me a poetry book by Tim Burton for christmas. She knew my taste quite well and I keep coming back to this book because it is so excellent.

With poems like

Stick boy and Match Girl:

Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
He thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
For a match and a stick ?
It did quite literally;
He burned up pretty quick.

The boy with nails in his eyes:

The Boy with Nails in His Eyes
Put up his aluminium tree.
It looked pretty strange
Because he couldn’t really see.


Unwisely, Santa offered a teddy bear to James, unaware that
He had been mauled by a grizzly earlier that year.

Stick Boys festive season:

Stick Boy noticed that his Christmas tree looked healthier
than he did.

Brie Boy:

Brie Boy had a dream he had only had twice,
that his full, round head was only a slice.
The other children never let Brie Boy play …
… but at least he went well with a nice Chardonnay.

and Melonhead:

There was once a morose melonhead,
who sat there all day
and wished he was dead.
But you should be careful
about the things you wish.
Because the last thing he heard was a deafening squish.

This book is a pearl among swines, a beautiful star in the sky and fantastic humour!

I still love this book !!!


3 responses to “Tim Burton – The Melancholy death of Oyster Boy

  1. Whohoo! I remember this!
    Hugs =)

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