My first week in CA

So, its over. The first week in my new job ! and what a week it has been !

 I have already worked up a daily routine at work. My day starts by greeting colleagues, then having breakfast which is served in the office kitchen area each  day between 8:00 am and 9:30 am. Fresh bread, salmon, eggs, ham, cheese, fruit, juice and other delicious stuff. Then I have spent most of the morning in meetings or learning about the company on my own schedule before we have hot lunch in the cafeteria at midday – they have yummy dishes every day, as well as sandwiches and softdrinks to our taste.

My first workweek has been filled with meetings with my colleagues here in Oslo whom present me to their Business Units and areas of expertise and who they are as persons.

I have joined the ODA network on recommendations from my Country Manager Solveig and started learning about the Company and my colleagues. F.ex. we are about 40 employees in Norway, but about 13.300 on a world basis. Nice to know if someone asks :D

As for those of you that want to know what I will be doing in CA, I will be working within Service Management in the VSA department (Virtualization & Service Automation) as technical expertise. I will be working with software areas like CA Unicentre Service Desk, CA Asset Manager, Oblicore, 3Tera and 4Base within Cloud environment and the ITIL Standards.
I will be working within the 2 processes “Solution Integration & Configuration” and “Quality Assurance & Test”. 
Easier said: I will be installing software and configurating it as of the customers wishes and then test it to make sure the installation works well and the customer is satisfied.

VSA offers Technical Expertise and my team covers a wide area which includes travelling. I have already learned that I will be going to a team meeting with my team in London, UK, 11-15 April this year (maybe Ill fly down a few days prior to the meeting to visit friends).

I must admit, that starting to work full weeks and learning loads of new stuff and recieving new information every moment of the day is quite challenging after 3 months of only searching for a new job and relaxing and enjoying my days – hence I have normally been very tired after work and needed naps to make it to bedtime.
Pretty lame for a grown up… But Ill blame it on the concussion for now…

However I must say that this first week of this job has been better than any other first weeks I have had at any other place that I have ever worked and I am very thankful for the way my colleagues have recieved me and greeted me into their group.

The Office buidling at Lysaker Torg on a Snowy day.


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