Back in the slopes after a 3 weeks break

After a 3 weeks break due to the head injury that I got last time I snowboarded, I was back in the slopes again. This time with a helmet.

I went to Grefsenkollen with a fellow Couchsurfing friend of mine, Wouter, from The Netherlands, living and working here in Oslo.
The weather was beautiful, sunny and not a single cloud to be seen, perfect to spend a day in the sun on the board in the slopes. I must admit since I last time fell and hit my head, I was nervous and a lot more insecure than I even was the first time I tried boarding this year. Unfortunately I was so insecure about my own skills today, that I fell on my back and actually hit my head again already the first 100 meters of the slope. THANKFULLY this time I had a helmet on and I didnt hurt my head any further.

The slopes were freshly prepped and the layer was somewhat hard, which made it difficult to make turns with the same confidense I experienced the past times I tried snowboarding. The past times we had lots of freshly fallen snow which made it difficult to obtain high speed, so I realize I need to learn to not get afraid when I into somewhat steep areas that makes it difficult to keep low speed. :D

However the view from Grefsenkollen is beautiful over Groruddalen and the weather was lovely and my confidence grew throughout the day. I just have to get back into the slopes again soon so that I dont forget about what I have learned this time :D

Groruddalen from Grefsenkollen


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