Dinner @ Malaysia Restaurang

Today I had planned to meet a long time friend of mine living in Stockholm. Gunilla and i met in Italy in 2007 the first time, when we were cohosted by our common friend Roberta. Since then we have met serveral times in different countries (Italy, Sweden, Switzerland) and we try to keep in touch through social media while not able to meet up.

I went strolling prior to meeting with Gunilla to get to know the area and I found a few really cute stores. I bought a very cute little gift for a very cute little girl back home. I hope she will enjoy it when she gets big enough :D

I met Gunilla at 5:30 pm at Restaurang Malaysia and it was really nice to catch up. At 6 the rest of the dinner party arrived. Its been a long time since I have seen Ulrika and Håkan and it sure was good to see them too !

Gunilla, Håkan and Ulrika at Restaurang Malaysia

Dinner tasted GREAT. They have a delicious menu (not that I ate the menu – but they had lots of things that looked really good) with lots of food, both vegetarian and carnivor dishes :D

After dinner we went to Espresso House Coffeebar for desserts. Lovely cakes and drinks.

When they closed we all went home.
Thanks for a lovely evening !


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