Art Exhibition @ Kulturhuset

After classes finished today, my teacher Peter and myself, walked from work all the way downtown to Kulturhuset in Stockholm where we met with Gunilla that had agreed to show us around in the city.

First we went to see two photo exhibitions at Kulturhuset. One was by Gregory Crewdson (In a lonely place) and the other was by Anneé Olofsson (The face of all your fears).

I was really fascinated by Gregory Crewdsons pictures. I even bought a book with pictures of his work. Really fascinating. This exhibition is coming to Oslo during 2011 (maybe beginning of 2012 – it is absolutely worth seeing !!!).
Anneé Olofsson’s exhibition didn’t move me that much, but it was definately good.

See here for youtube video presentations of the two artists:

After the exhibitions we walked down towards the oceanside where we stopped every here and there to take pictures. Like this one of the hotel and reflections of the lights in the water.

Sightseeing Stockholm

Then we walked past the shopping area before we walked up to Restaurang Cassi where we had dinner. It was a lovely evening and lovely dinner and great company.

Restaurang Cassi

When we were done dining at Cassi, Gunilla went home and Peter and I went back to the hotel we are staying at. We had a nice stroll home before we split. I went early to bed to sleep.


2 responses to “Art Exhibition @ Kulturhuset

  1. So nice to see you again darling! And your pictures sure beats the ones that came out of my Iphone camera… :)

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