Shopping in Stockholm

After work today I went for a 3 hour walk downtown.

It was a lovely day. Sunny and nice, but there was a cold wind blowing. I had to wear a hat to keep warm enough. I am so happy I remembered to bring my hat.

When I reached downtown I walked down Kungsgatan to Stureplan and then to Biblioteks gatan, then Hamngatan and I ended up in front of Kulturhuset and then I went up Drottninggatan before I returned back to the hotel. I did some shopping at a nice store called Stockhome  where I got some nice scended candles, tea and some other stuff. I also bought a new shampoo and conditioner.

When I got back to the hotel I had dinner at Ristorante MareMonte. Thats the same restaurant as the first night I was in Stockholm I had the Filetto alla Gorgonzola which was absolutely delicious. The steak was just melting in my mouth. It was absolutely one of the best steaks I have had ! EVER.

After dinner I went to ICA where I picked up lots of chocolate bars. I have fallen in love with the Lindt – Creme Brulee filled chocolate bar. I decided that was a great gift to bring back to a few of my friends back home :D  Hope they will appreciate it as much as I did :D


2 responses to “Shopping in Stockholm

  1. Picture Homer Simpson “choooooclate… yuuuuum…”. And then some drooling. That would be me after reading this entry!

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