Stockholm old city & Candle Light Night @ the SPA

After work today Peter and I walked downtown Stockholm to visit the Old city and the cute small streets there. There was an ice-cold wind that chilled the air and attempted to lift us and take us away. However, the sun was shining bright and beautifully which made the afternoon gorgeous.

Sunset over Stockholm in March

We also did some shopping, or let me correct that – I did the shopping – Peter just came along to look and help me carry my stuff :D, before we headed back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel, I decided that I was not going to sit in my hotelroom the rest of the night and after checking with the reception if there was anything interesting to do in the area – I decided to go to the nearby SPA.

The air was even chillier than earlier, however I only had a 7 minute walk to the SPA – Planet Fitness  (which by convenience is located about 100 meters away from work :D). I was greeted welcome and the receptionist showed me where to go to find the wardrobes where I changed and went into the Pool area.

I was in for a surprise ! All the lights were turned off and instead scented candles were lit up to make a special atmosphere in the room. Relaxing music playing in the room made the place look perfect. It was so nice and calming. The temperatures in the water were perfect for an evening swim and I had a great time both swimming and playing in the water.

There were few others in the room which I found to be great since I wasn’t feeling very social after the long walk.  I rounded up with 30 minutes in the hot bubble bath. A few people came and went during the time I was there, but they were mostly couples that kept to themselves.

Back home (at the hotel) I packed my luggage and prepared to return home tomorrow. Great day!


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