My workweek update

This week I was sent to Stockholm to attend a course for work. I had a fantastic time in Stockholm – both at the course and during my spare time. I stayed at the Best Western Time Hotel in WasaStaden, which is located only 5 minutes walk away from the CA Office which is located in Sveavegen.

Best Western Time Hotel in Wasastaden

For the CA ServiceDesk Manager Administrator course that lasted from Monday to Friday we were only 3 students. Daniel and Josefine were attending on behalf of a partner company, Kerfi. This was great because when we were this few participants we had a small enough environment to keep a higher concentration level. Our Instructor, Peter, was great. He had a very good way of presenting the material to us.

On Friday 4 extra people attended the CA Service Desk Manager Reporting course. Magnus and Anders attended from a partner company, Netgain, and Marita and Anne attended from one of our customer companies. It was nice to get to know more people as well :D

In Sweden it is common to leave the office and go to a Restaurant for warm lunch during your midday break. Magnus Wall from the Stockholm CA Office took us out to for our lunch break every day during the lunch break.

Monday and Friday we went to a place called Restaurang Station. Great food and great atmosphere. The place was located some 10 minutes to walk from the office and had a construction site right next to (more like around it), but the food was great. As for that I have some bad news. On monday I had raindeer stew. It was delicious. Hence now – we have a problem for christmas. Santa is missing a few raindeer. The whole place were eating that stew. It was sooo good.
On friday I had Roastbeef and fries. It was delicious, but not as good as the raindeer stew.

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to a place called Restaurang Matvarufabriken. Another lovely place. They serve their guests in the cellar. It was a lovely place and the food there was exquisite. On tuesday I had a lovely chicken dish and on Wednesday I had a delicious Salmon dish. Yummy!

Thursday classes ended early and Peter took Daniel, Josefine and myself for an end of course late lunch at a place called  Wayne’s Coffeehouse. Another delicious meal at a nice restaurant.

I had a great week in Sweden. I met many of my colleagues at the Swedish CA Office, as well as learn a lot of interesting things about the software. It was great.

On friday Peter and I shared a cab to the airport. His plane was to leave 15 minutes prior to mine. We had two different departure teminals, but by sharing cab at least we saved CA some money for the cab ride :D

I checked in and realized my plane was delayed. I spent the time waiting reading in a newspaper that I found on the seat next to me. When I got home there was a little kitty that was incredibly happy to see me. He was laying right next to me the rest of the night and purring and purring very happily :D


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