Workweek update – Happy New Year !

Back in Oslo it was great to be back in the office and with my new colleagues again. I am very happy to be back at work in general after the 3 months period of “unemployment” this winter. I dont like staying at home not knowing how my future will be and I like being busy and challenging my mind with more important stuff than the latest episodes of daytime soaps.
I am happier being back at work than words can describe !

The weekly routine in the office is breakfast between 8 am and 9:30 am. The cafeteria downstairs delivers scrambled or fried eggs, salmon, ham and cheese and other delicious food directly up to our kitchen area. A great start of the day !

For lunch we have warm meals every day. Of course we CAN order sandwitches or salads if we want to ! We also have the amazing view from the cafeteria of the highly trafficked main road into Oslo from the south :D

Wednesday and Thursday I spent my lunch break to go for a walk in the fresh air outside.

As for work tasks I have mainly studied this week as well. Last week I was at a training course in Stockholm, whereas this week I have been attending lots of web based training courses from the office. It is a nice way of learning new stuff, however I do look fwd for more practical learning. On wednesday I ordered access to a VMWare server that I can start installing and testing and configuring systems I will be working with so that I can learn more practical tasks and skills!
Looking fwd for that to be arranged :D

As for good news I booked my tickets to go to our Team meeting in London in 9 days :D YAY. 4 days in London actually getting to know the rest of the people in the team will be great !

On March 31st the Fiscal year ended for CA and on April 1st we started the new Fiscal year (Nope – not an april fools joke) of 2012.

Hence Thursday the whole office went out to celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year at Dubliners pub in Oslo where we had dinner and drinks and lots of fun !

It was a great way to celebrate the end of the fiscal year AND get to know my colleagues better as well !! I think we all had a great time !!