Luck in Love vs Games

It is a saying here in Norway that “If you dont have luck in games, you have luck in Love”.

So, what happens when you don’t have luck in Love? Shouldn’t I have the best of chances to win the lottery all the time then? I mean – I never had much luck in Love, but I never won more than a few dollars in games either.
My problem is: I dont have luck in either…

It is also said that “He who waits for something good – never waits in vain”, so Ill have to wait in patience – either I’ll win the million dollar lottery price or my Mr. Perfect will show up.

Right now I have more faith in the lottery than in Love – At least you can play the lottery without getting hurt.


2 responses to “Luck in Love vs Games

  1. we have the same sayings here…

    Good luck in all ways Marianne!

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