Drivers lesson 10

It’s been a while since last driving session. There are a few reasons to that – I was scheduled for a driving class wednesday a week and half ago, but as I sat outside work, waiting for my teacher, reading the theoretical subjects … I realized that … Hmmm. Seems my teacher had forgotten about me. 

I called him to double check and the: “Teach: Hi, why are you calling today, we are not scheduled until tomorrow. Me: Nope. I think you need to check your book. Teach: ouppps … Im shopping now. I totally forgot we had a session today” confirmed my suspicions. Then we rescheduled for monday this week, but then my mom came to Oslo and I cancelled the session to meet her for dinner. So.. Today was the day :D

We started out driving towards Drammen, driving past every single roundabout the teacher could find on our way – as well as speeding on the highway. Exiting !

Teach and I also realized a typical male / female communication proiblem we have had lately.

Since I started driving with him, he has told me which direction he wants me to drive – however – he has NOT told me that he midway through our learning changed his “informations” to being questions about what to see.. So while I continued understanding his directions as information, he wanted me to see something totally different in the traffic picture…

After I realized that – things went a lot easier…

However, Ill blame it on constant hits to the head (talking about several concussions that I got 7 weeks along with the one I got just 7 weeks ago) that I am stupid enough not to understand automatically that my teacher now want a different info from his sentences than what he wanted in the beginning – without specifying that he was searching for a new kind of info.

We will be driving towards sandvika (in front of a roundabout) used to mean – We will be driving towards Sandvika.

NOW on the other hand it means – “So.. which direction and placement should you as a driver have if your exit is first, in the middle or last” ?

It would have been sooo much easier if he would have specified that he wanted me to give him feedback instead of just giving information.

Apart from that our sessions are going fwd. It was exiting to vary from the regular city driving ! And I got to drive a lot longer today. Almost 2 full hours instead of the regular 45 minutes :D YAY


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