Festival Tickets – Hovefestivalen

 There is a first for everything !

Today I got tickets for my first visit to Hovefestivalen at Tromøya outside Arendal, where I grew up.

I have gone to concerts and had daypasses at a few festivals, but I have never gone to this particular festival before, nor had a festival pass for several days before either !!!!

But this year I just couldn’t NOT go !!!!

4 of my favourite bands are already booked to play and more will be announced later:
Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bright Eyes & Jimmy Eat World.

Apart from these 4 LOADS of other great bands will be attending and playing at the festival…
Hove is located in a fantastic spot – and if it is sunny…. Its just one of the best places in the world !

I cant wait to go !

It will also be my first full week in my home town in South of Norway since 1997 I think…
IF not even further back to 1995…

Yikes – definately about time to spend some more time there !
(It actually is getting scary to think about that it is THAT long since I have spent a good whole week there…. )

Reports from last years festival was that the weather sucked bigtime – however no matter how bad weather was – the reports coming in from all over the place was that this was the best festival ever.

I really wanted to go – This festival normally hosts really really good bands !!!

So, now my question is:


Or just for a week down south?



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