The Amanda Project – Knitwear to warm premature and sickborn babies

One of my hobbies is to aid the Amanda Project. The “Amanda project” is a project directed to the big hospitals in Norway recieving the gravely ill, sickborn and premature-born babies.


How you may ask? Whats the point of this?
I never knew Amanda myself – she only became 10 days old. She was born pre-mature and she didn’t make it. But one of my best friends know her parents and her parents, Bjørn and Bjørg, have started a campaign to help other parents when they are in the same situation as they were in.

Amandas mom and grandmom asked the doctors when Amanda struggled for her lifew what they could do for her and the doctors told them that anything that could keep her warm would help them, so they started knitting small woolen blankets, hats, socks, gloves and asked others to help them out, because at the hospital they learned that the hospitals were in constant need of supply to keep sickborn and newborn babies warm, thus they started a movement that they named “The Amanda Project”. Friends, friends of friends and many people that wanted to help joined them and now lots of people around the country is helping out knitting either blankets, socks, hats and gloves for these small sick and prematurely born babies.

You see, these small babies, that are on the edge of life and death, just at the start of their own life – need warm clothes and blankets to keep warm and help them get well.
The hospitals give the blankets and the clothes to the baby and its parents – hence the parents get to keep the clothing when their baby get well enough to leave the hospital as a reminder of a rought start to life.
Some parents don’t get to take their little one home – but, they still get to take home the memories of their tiny little angel that didnt get well enough to take home.

How do we do this? How can you help out?

Home knitted woolen clothes (doll sizes and newborn baby sizes) and blankets (the size of an A3 sized paper) is in constant need. We knit and then we send it to Amandas Parents that deliver the blankets at the hospital (Riskhospitalet in Oslo is the one where the sickest of the sick go – they have decided to concentrate their effort on this hospital, but you are welcome to help out any hospital that has a premature newborn department.

IN Other countries try talking to your hospital in your region and ask them if they may be in need of help – clothes and blankets.

All the below info is in Norwegian, but I am certain that there is something similar going on in your area. I know people are doing this in the USA and in Canada. If you love knitting, you have some free time and have some leftover yarn, make a blanket and donate it to a nearby hospital.

Contact Info – the Amanda project:
The Amandaproject has its own webpage:
You can email
or call: 47501222 (Bjørg) & 46785271 (Bjørn).
The Amanda project is also on Facebook:

There has been several articles in Norwegian papers recently:—masker-med-mening/

This article was published in A-Magasinet Friday 1 April.
It talks about Amanda, her struggle, Amandas parents, the project and …
My lovely friend Jorunn that got to keep her Embla.

To see the full sized article – double click the picture:

Pages 40 – 41

Pages 42 – 43

Page 44

Check out if you can help in your local area…


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