Workweek update week 5

Another week has passed and I soon realized that as I have gotten into work rythm again, this workplace is no place to be lazy. There is enough to do at all times. This includes Web Based Training sessions, Meetings, a Seminar and Worksessions with my mentor.

As for other news, I am no longer the newest newbie around. We got a new hire that started on monday. I got my tickets for BOXI Training in UK next week and a notice that I probably will be back in UK again in may for another course.

One of the exiting things happening this week was the Oblicore Seminar. Oblicore will be one of the products I will be working with further on – hence that was very meaningful for me.

It has generally been a great week. It started out grey and rainy, but now at its end – the sun is shining and temperatures are better than in a long time !
As for a funny fact I learned that one of my colleagues is the granddaughter of one of my grandmas friends back from Vikna, where they were both raised !! So Friday we had quite a lot of fun sharing histories from our childhood. Who knows – maybe we ran into eachother when we were kids too ?

Next week Ill be in London !! YAY ! Can’t wait to get to know the rest of my team :D


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