Landing in London

It is time for another travel. After 2 years I am back in London!!!

I am really exited about being back. For many reasons. – Spring in London is at a lot more advanced level than Norway. This week temperatures in London has been up to 22C. YAY. And I have planned for some serious shopping !

The purpose of this trip is a two-day course and a 1 day team meeting with my entire team located at the CA UK headquartes – however I booked my tickets a day prior to the start of the meet and this way I also get to meet my good friend Chris and his gf Sarah again! THAT is great !

My flight was quite uneventful, but arriving to London was like entering a new world ! Everything was just soo lush and green and lovely. I cought the train from Gatwick to Shephards Bush where I went to the Westfield Shopping centre until Chris and Sarah were back in the apartment and ready for me to arrive :D

I spent a good deal of time at Debenhams (where I got a new jacket and two tops) and Jessops Photo Shop (where I got a few new filters for my lenses and a new camera bag and a gorillapod :D). When done there I stopped at Waitrose to pick up  some fruit for lunch, before I started walking to Chris’s place.
During this walk I realized how incredibly much I love my new Blackberry !!!!
GPS :D Great !!!!

When I got there only Chris was at home, but Sarah came home very shortly after. We ordered pizza for dinner and had a great time catching up over dinner. It was lovely to be back.

This posts title is stolen from “Landing in London” with “3 doors down”
A band I highly appreciate..

They are throwing a concert in London 19 June this year.
I wonder if I might just have to come back !!!!


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