BOxi training and Team meeting in UK

Monday morning I took off at the same time as my hosts. They left me at the bus station and I took the bus to Hammersmith where I had breakfast, before I cought the train to Heathrow. I cought the bus to Slough and from there I got a cab to the office.

My team is rather international. We’re 2 people in Norway, 2 in Denmark and 2 in Sweden. The rest of the guys live in UK and Ireland and work all over Europe.

This week we were all (almost all at least) gathered at UK main office in Ditton Park, where we spent Monday and Tuesday attending a BOXI course and Wednesday we had a Team meeeting planning strategies for the new Fiscal Year.

The Participants to the Boxi training

On monday after BOXI training we went for some drinks prior to Dinner at a lovely little Italian Restaurant in called Carlucci0s in Old Windsor.  We had lovely food there and with great company we had a great time.

On Tuesday the whole team went to a fantastic Indian Restaurant in Old Windsor called Gandhi. They had lovely food !!

Both the training and the team meeting was very learningful and valuable for me. The knowledge I gained and getting to know all the colleagues in my team is very valued.

On Wednesday we were only my team left for the team meeting. We were split in 3 groups according to what areas of expertise we will work within. I am lucky to be in the Puma team. :D (where I will be working with Cloud technology which I find extremely interesting!!!)

Dag, Emil and myself left the meeting at 4:45 to catch a cab to the airport. It was time to go home. At the airport I shopped some DVDs and some more camera equipment and we went for a lovely dinner at Gordon Ramseys Restaurant at Heatrows Terminal 5. What a lovely dinner ! High class food !

Back in Norway, on thursday I joined my mentor to my first customer meeting ! That was interesting and it was nice to see a preview of how it will be when Im ready for joining projects.

On friday I continued studying and we all were so lucky to get a big easter egg filled with candy ! Anyone knowing me, knows my love for candy :D

Great week :D !!!


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