Spring Photoshoot – New Life

This morning I went out in the surroundings of my house to take pictures. I didnt have anything special in mind, except trying to get better at using the macro lense and the close-up filters.

I had a great time and out of the 500 test photos I took, about 30 of them came out REALLY GOOD, according to my own judgement. The others… Most of them got deleted.

First i tried to capture small flowers, then i realized it was so early still, that the flowers still had Morning Dew on them. Hence i decided this was as good a chance as any to try to capture that perfect reflection in the water drop.

I lay down in the grass, enjoying natures music and totally concentrated in my work about zooming and I suddenly got a huge scare when I saw this monster creature right in front of me. I dropped the camera and remembered I was using the close up filters and hence I realized that hte monster creature in real life can not have been much bigger than 3 mm. So much for a big scare.

 Needless to say, only one of the 56 morning dew pictures I took came out good, but the one that came out good – wasn’t just good – It was great :D (for a first try – perfect)

Reflections in the Morning Dew

While I took pictures of the Morning Dew, I also found a snail that was having his (hers) first drink of the day. It was fascinating to see how the snail moved along the leaf to drink the drops of water from the morning dew.

Snail having a morning drink

Then I decided to move on to flowers and leaves to capture the New Life of this spring. It was so lovely to listen to the birds chirping while laying flat on my stomach playing with the camera and the settings, trying to capture art in nature.

I found lots of lovely new leaves to capture. Everything is blooming now.  :D

New Life

Last I decided to get up real close and try to capture the pollen bearers of the European wood Anemone. This task proved to be the hardest of the day. Not because the wood Anemone didn’t want to cooperate, but because by now we had had an increase in wind. What was before nothing, now had started a mild breeze – however a mild breeze when you dont want your feather-weight object to move… is one mild breeze too much. I still managed to get a few ok shots.

European Wood Anemone with its Pollen Stamen

Although I had to delete most of the pictures due to poor quality and / or poor judgement of finding nice objects – I am really happy with the pictures that did turn out nice !

I will repeat this quite soon :D


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