In Arendal for Mom’s Birthday

My Mom, my sister, my sisters flatmate and her friend came to pick me up from work at Lysaker and we set off towards the south where we would spend the weekend at my mom and Trons place for the weekend. The occation was my moms birthday on Sunday may 1.

We had a lovely trip down south and we arrived close to 10:30 pm. We had a lovely meal before we all went to bed.

On saturday we all had planned to go in to Arendal City where I had organized to meet up with one of my old school friends, Sølvi, and her daughter, Norah. We went for a coffee and then for shopping. It was great seeing them again and meeting up with my old friend.

Pollen, Arendal

After our visit to Arendal, we drove to Tromøya and the pebble beaches of Hove.

Ok, maybe they are not pebbles, but its the closest translation I have found. Pebbles apparently are tiny, soft shaped, round rocks. However the beach at Hove consists of huge rocks that are also round and soft shaped. They date back to last ice-age when they were the result of the Glaciers moving towards the coast, pressing these rocks in front of them where they eventually ended up at what now is the beach. The constant movement of the glacier rolled the rocks until they had a round and soft shape. They come in all sizes from tiny pebbles to huge rocks like the ones in the picture.

Hove Rolling Rock BeachWhen we had shown our Portuguese guests the pebble beaches we went home to help mom prepare dinner for the party. The cake was already baked and we were home in good time before the rest of the guests.Moms Birthday party - Shrimp feast ! YAY :D

It was a great party. We had shrimp sandwiches à la Norvége and lovely white wine. Company was great and we had lots of good laughs throughout the small morning hours :D

It was great!

The group of 4 Oslogoers  left midday sunday heading back to Oslo after a great weekend down south :D



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