Drivers lessons – Safety course on slippery surface

I met up with my teacher at 7 am and then we drove off towards Tynset. We were in a bit of a rush to get there in time. We had theory class scheduled at 9 am and we had a long way to drive.

I drove all the way up to Eggemoen and we managed to get there just in time. They had all been waiting for us (not that we were late – all the others were there early) and hence we started right after we arrived.
The first part of the program was to attend a theoretical course in safety on slippery surface and then think about what we wanted to learn this day.
The second part of the program was to practice on how to secure a babyseat in a car and a bike on the back and some materials on the roof of the car. Then we all got weighed and saw how much we weighed in case of a speed of 40 / 50 and 60 km pr hour.. amazing how much more you weigh…
Then we were up for some real driving :D

To get the roads slippery (out of icy season) they oil down the road and water it. There is quite a lot of oil on and you spin very easily.

We were 4 cars participatinig to the training this morning which was good. We drove 30 minutes each on the straight strech – trying to get the car up to 40 / 50 and 60 km an hour so that we would realize the stop length on sudden break in the different speeds. Sometimes there were hinders in the shape of dolls (supposedly humans or cars) that we had to navigate away from without hurting neither us nor them. Quite difficult.

Then we moved on to another 30 minutes on the swingy field. Here we learned how to maneuver the car around a swing on slippery surface and how to avoid hitting people that suddenly wanted to cross the road without being hit by the meeting car.
I think that was the most interesting part of the day.

Then we moved on to another 30 minutes on the straight field again and we rounded the whole training up with watching a movie on car crashes in different speeds. Scary.

Teach drove home – I was pretty tired by then. We were home around 3 pm and I went for a nap :D


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