CA – Week 9

This workweek started out by participating to another course. This time I attended a course on how to modify one of our main products. It was really interesting and I learned a lot !
However the practical thing was that I started class at 4pm and not 8am. Course was set up with an instructor in MN, US and the other participant was located in CA, US. This gave me the whole day free to do my own stuff and I had also booked drivers lessons for my daytime activities (to be discussed in a different post).
It was lovely to participate to work at daytime and spend the whole day outside enjoying the spring.

Wednesday to Friday I spent in the office during normal Norwegian working hours doing regular work. I attended my first info meeting for the first big project I will join and I have been preparing for the course in London next week.

There was also a bit of administrative work to do this week along with the training schedule.

And ending this week – I prepare for my next. Directly after work I left for Gardermoen Airport. My destination is London where I will be attending a course all of next week in Server Automation :D I cant wait :D I love how I am allowed to learn all this technology and travel and meet new people !


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