Returning to the UK

Directly after work today I hopped on the train to go to the airport. I am spending the weekend in London Couchsurfing and then for next week I am scheduled for a course with work.

At the airport I picked up a few books and then I went to the gate. I was by no means running late, but I didnt need anything from the duty-free stores – hence no need to peek around. I picked up dinner at Pizza Hut and then entered the UK/US/Swiss Zone where I had my dinner and started a new knitting project.

However on board we were informed that we were on one of the very first airplanes in Europe that had Wi-Fi on board and we were allowed surfing the internet during the flight. This was reflected in my facebook profile.

But this is almost history of modern technology! I am very proud.

For the trip there I knitted most of the time (when I was not surfing online), even on the train from London Gatwick into London Victoria. My original plan was to take the train to London bridge, and change there to East Ham. However… the trains from Gatwick leaves with a 4 minutes difference from the same platfrom to London Victoria and London Bridge. I hopped on the wrong train. Not that it made it difficult to get to East Ham from there, it just took a lot longer time.

When I arrived at East Ham I followed my hosts descriptions on how to get to her house. I got somewhat lost and asked a few local guys to help me out and they were very kind to walk me safely almost to the door. Then they politely left and returned to going to their own place.

Margaret had organized evening snack for us and we kept talking and talking into the early hours of the morning. Now, Margaret and I are not complete strangers even though she is also a Couchsurfer. We did meet 2 years ago in the birthday party of a common friend of us both. It was great seeing her again ! We had such a lovely time enjoying our conversation and some good white wine that we didnt call it a night until almost 4am

I soon fell asleep :D


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