Conquering East and Central London

Margarets smiley face popped into the livingroom door to check if I was awake and let me know that she was preparing for breakfast in the kitchen. We had a really nice breakfast (Margaret is really good company) and we talked and talked. If I hadnt planned to go downtown for shopping and Margaret had to study I am quite certain we would continued talking the whole day.

I had a shower before I set off. When I got to East Ham I realized that the sub lines was down due to construction plans and … I had to take a bus to Leyton where I planned on getting the metro downtown to Oxford Circus, but before I got that far I saw that there was a huge TK Maxx store at Leyton where I spent a nice time. I didnt really come out with too mkuch stuff. 2 jackets and a scarf was the big catch – however I did also get some interesting cooking sauces (caribbean condiment, The Ghost Pepper Sauce, The Insanity sauce, Da Bomb Ghost nuts and stuff like that.. really cool).

Then I took the Metro down to Oxford Circus where I had a Belgian waffle and 2 sandwiches for lunch. Then I spent a good time at Debenhams before I took a detour to John Lewis and then I contacted Margaret to see what to bring home for dinner. I found a supermarket and picked up the ingredients we needed for dinner.

Margaret made us a lovely dinner. A chicken Chili Stew. It was soo delicious. Along with lovely wine, Great company and we talked all night long. We did go to bed a lot earlier than yesterday which I am very thankful for :D However it was alovely day!


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