1 is good – 2 is great company – 3 is a party

I woke up to a smiling and fresh Margaret sticking her head into the living room to wake me up. We had a delicious breakfast and then I had to get ready and work my way to Central London.

Due to the District line, the Hammersmith & City and the Circle line being closed for the weekend for construction and upgrade work, I had to change transportation several times to get downtown whereas on a normal day I should have not needed to change at all.

This, of course, helped me arrive late to my appointment with Anni. However… This neither ruined mine nor Annis mood ! Once we first met up at Henrys Cafe and Bar (just next to Green Park Sub Station) we had a fantastic time ! She was deep into her prosecco and I joined her with some lovely Pinot Grigio wine. We spent a great time updating eachother since our last meeting and having a lovely lunch. Once lunch was over we realized it was time to order more drinks. We discussed whether to have a whole bottle of Prosecco and as we ordered we looked at the time to find out when we would be expecting Chris to join us. Just as we checked the time, Chris actually turned up. YAY


The Prosecco was a fact by then and we had a great time catching up, taking pictures and enjoying a really great afternoon until we realized that the guys on the table next to us had left with their glasses mainly half full…
This was a topic until Chris had something he wanted to check in his bag and we very soon realized the guys had taken off with his bag. This Cooled down our moods quite a bit, but as Chris notified the Bar crew they told us they had a surveilance camera and as they checked this camera they had the whole act on film. This at least is very helpful for the Police to recognize the thiefs so that they can catch the guys.

Apart from this we had a lovely day together, but as we all know – all parties has to end and we all had to split up and  go home.

Home for me is at the Heathrow / Windsor Marriott Hotel. To get there I took the Picadilly line to Heathrow Airport and from there I grabbed a Cab. I checked in and it was such a nice place. I had a nice evening and I had dinner in the Hotel ;D


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