Shopping in Slough

After work today I took the complimentary shuttle down to Slough. I was heading for a little adventure of my own. NOT that I would state that Slough is the most interesting place in the world, but at least it has a little centre and some stores and even a mall, compared to the area around the hotel. The sad thing however, is that almost all the stores close at 6pm. This didn’t give me a lot of time.

I was in no rush though – I had no plans, but I just wanted to actually peek around and not just sit in the hotel room twirling thumbs (not that I would ever do that anywhere I would go or if I stayed home). I explored the Mall first, considering its short opening hours, then I moved on to walking around and getting to know the city itself. Slough is a workers town and most stores close early because the employees have to commute to other places. I found a few nice items at Debenhams and I had a good time looking around.

I ended my little trip at a huge 24 hour open Tesco (which is a multi store with everything you need from food to clothes to books and office equipment, gardening stuff and magazines and bakery and well, mainly anything) where I looke around. I got some food for myself – its not that the hotel food or the cafeteria food at work isnt good enough – I just think its really nice to try out new food – like the mango/passion/papaya yoghurt – I think Ill have that for breakfast tomorrow morning. I also found a few things Ill be brining home as gifts for my little sisters :D

I took the 81 bus back, which left me directly outside of my hotel :D

I had a couple of nice sandwiches and some lovely fruit in the hotel room where I spent the rest of the night.

A lovely day :D


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