Walking and Dining amongst Royals

Today after work two of my colleagues and I spent the evening in Royal surroundings in Windsor / Eton.

We started out leaving the Hotel at 7pm and Paul drove us to Windsor, where we found ourselves driving around to figure out where to park. Windsor was packed with people! There were people EVERYWHERE! We soon realized that the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Windsor Royal Castle Tattoo is going on for these days.

We soon found a parking spot and strolled down alongside the River Thames, before we crossed the bride over to Eton, where the Royals are schooled.


After seeing the school, we went back to Windsor again and we headed up towards the Windsor Royal Shopping Center (which is about where I had dinner with my colleagues last time I was in UK for the team meeting), following the Royal Castle. The guys were asked to help an old lady (probably not the queen in disguise) carry her shopping bags, which they gladly helped her with and I went around playing with my camera trying to capture some good images of the Castle.

The Royal Castle

The Crooked House of Windsor, also known as the Market Cross House, was built in 1592.

We walked in some tiny streets with lots of restaurants and of course we found The Crooked House of Windsor. The Crooked House of Windsor is a tiny house that is completely crooked.

The house was built in 1592 and it has a secret passageway directly to the Windsor Castle that back then was used for deliveries of groceries from the market and some even say it was used by King Charles and his mistress to meet.

The house didn’t start to tilt until 1718 after it was restructured with unseasoned green oak. The building now functions as a tea house for patrons who don’t mind sitting at a bit of an angle; the crooked floors were never leveled.

This passageway is, for understandable reasons, now sealed off :D

As we walked around the Castle, we noticed that the Royal Standards flag was hanging high from the flag poles at Her Majesty the Queens castle – meaning she was actually at home …

Wooohooo. We are now officially in company of Royals! It is a common fact that Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth likes to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show each year- which practically is being organized right outside her doorsteps.

We continued on and we decided it was about time to get something to eat. We walked down towards the lower parts of Windsor and found a lovely bar called The Royal Oak where we decided to have a stop. The food there was nothing else than lovely. It was so good.

The Royal Oak Pub

I had a Lamb Shank served on mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables with a rosemary and red wine sauce. It must be the best meal I had in UK – if not all times – definately for this trip ! For dessert I had a Chocolate Sponge cake – which was absolutely mouthwatering delcious …
I also got a taste of the Treacle Sponge cake the guys had (which I was very much tempted to have ordered instead of the chocolate… it was so good – I have to make that pudding at home one day.

We went home after dinner and it was already so late it was time to go to sleep.
It was a lovely day in great company.


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