Ditton Park

This week I have spent in Ditton Park, UK which is the main office for CA in Europe, attending a course in Server Automation.

The river

Ditton Park (to be referred to as DP) in itself is a HUGE park with lovely green areas and surrounded by forest in the Datchet / Windsor / Slough area of Berkshire, England.

The main office is by the entrance, however we were located in the Manor house where our course was held. We had to cross this lovely little river to get there.

Beautiful Surroundings truly does inspire. Even if there is lots of noise from the planes taking off and landing at Heathrow airport, DP is a peaceful place with a tiny river running through the area, ducks swimming in the river, geese eating grass and even a few herons here and there and I walked to and from work through this lovely area to my hotel every day.

Beautiful Reflections

A few mornings I went on photoshoots as well to try to capture nice images of the duck and geese families with their young as well as the beautiful surroundings around DP area.

Come here now – All of you… Where is your brother?


See ya’all – This is how you drink

The course itself was challenging and very interesting. I learned a lot and we finalized the week with an exam that I passed ! YAY. I am actually inmensely proud of this due to the level of difficult that it was. People attending the copurse were mainly from my own VSA Services PUMA group, but we also had a VSA PreSales guy attending from Austria. This was great – because that way I could get to know more of the people I work with.

Monday night I had dinner with my boss, Roy, and a colleague, Paul, at one of the Hotel Restaurants. Lovely dinner. Tuesday I went to Slough for shopping. Wednesday 2 of my colleagues and I went to Windsor to see the Queen. Thursday I spent relaxing in the Hotel.

All in all it was a great week and Im happy with all the  material I learned and not to mention the exam that I passed. After the Exam on Friday I had to return to the hotel and check out. Then i went for lunch and then It was soon time to go to the airport. Returning home for this time. It was a great week !


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