Emblas baptism

The date has arrived and cutiepie Embla was baptised today :D

It was a big date for me as well, as her parents asked me to be one of her god-parents :D A very honorable task that I of course accepted. Its a great message of trust when someone asks you to be such a big part of their childs life.

The baptism was in Oslo Domkirke and it was a lovely mass. It was a high mass today and that meant it lasted for almost an hour and half – not to the kids big enjoyment :D However the kids in our group were so cute. They had some adorable comments. F.ex there was an elevator in the church and one of them asked the other. – “Where does that elevator go?”  -“To heaven of course”.

4 kids were baptised today and Embla was the first one to be baptised.

Jorunn and Atle with Embla. We are normally not allowed to take pictures during the baptism, however after mass there is time for photo sessions. Parents, Godparents and the Child of the day

Parents and God parents

After Mass we went to Grei-Huset where we had the lunch reception. It was a lovely reception with lovely food, lovely company and lots of delicious cakes :D

There was also lots of gifts for the girl of the day

It was raining a lot all day and it was great to stay inside :D The main person fell asleep mid-party. However she seemed quite happy with all the attention of the day.

We ended the celebration around 6 pm and helped clean up before we left :D

A lovely day!


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