CA week 11 – Global Corporate Challenge start

Monday and Tuesday I had off. Monday I had taken as holiday because tuesday was our National Day.

Back at work I spent time the three last days studying and passing more exams on Server Automation (ok they are overview and not deep studies, however.. I am proud of my improving skills).

I also spent a lot of time walking this week since CA has a Global Corporate Challenge that started this week. GCC means that they want all employees out there biking, walking, swimming and whatever activities. We are 7 on each team and we all have to pull one for the team and walk to be the team that does best (if not globally – at least in Norway :D

I did my fair share in steps: (about 15000 steps for me equals about 2 hours of walking).

Thursday     16 250
Friday           15 920 
Saturday     24 776
Sunday          8 000


4 responses to “CA week 11 – Global Corporate Challenge start

  1. Nice work! My “global” challenge was to run a stage in Holmenkollstafetten. Ouch!

    • Thats quite well done to yourself !
      However you get away with just 1 day. I have 16 weeks of this stuff :D

      • Paul Boddie

        It wasn’t just one day, though. There’s no way I could have showed up and run that, but I probably should have trained more and a bit harder, too.

        I really needed a rest this last week. Good luck with your 16 weeks! ;-)

      • Hehehe. Yeah. I know. Normally you have to work yourself up to a run :D Good job tho!

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