CA week 12

This week I spent monday studying in the office and Tuesday and Thursday I had my first workdays in my first project. We are up at Tryvann and this is nice. We have such a wonderful view when we are up there.

Wednesday I was in the office and Eva and me went for long beautiful walks along the beach :D Wednesday we walked to Telenor and there I met up with Emil and we went to get Entrance Badges for the project so that we dont have to wait for Dag every time we want to open a door :D It was a beautiful sunny day and unfortunately the camera for taking pictures for the badges broke and we had to use the old method for getting the badges, including waiting for the printing with the old machine at location. During this time we enjoyed nice ice cream :D YAY.

Walk along the Beach

Friday I was at home sick. When we left Tryvann Thursday I felt really nauxeous and dizzy and this only enpowered throughout friday and finally I felt better on saturday afternoon. On sunday i felt well again :D .

This weeks GCC Results
Monday 17874
Tuesday 11863
Wednesday 21581
Thursday 11863
Friday 5568
Saturday 18344
Sunday 12225

Total steps walked: 99 258


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