CA week 13

I had another great week with CA.

I spent Monday  in the office  and Tuesday at Tryvann at customer location.

Monday was fantastic sunny weather and great. The sales people closed a big deal on Friday and we celebrated with Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream !! Yummy. Then Eva and myself went for a walk during lunch hour.

Tuesday it rained dogs and kittens all day. The good thing about being at Tryvann is that I am being picked up and dont have to use public transportation. Also it smells sooo nice in the forest on a rainy day !

Wednesday I was in the office again, working on project  related things and Eva and i again went for a walk to have our lunch outside :D it feels nice to do all this walking :D

Beach at Lysaker

Thursday this week was an official Holiday and Friday I had taken off – This way I got to walk a lot :D

GCC Results this week:
Monday 21593
Tuesday 15789
Wednesday 8902
Thursday 11985
Friday 22598
Saturday 7568
Sunday 12357

Total amount of steps this week: 100792


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