Visits from France

The past 4 days I had visitors from Lille, France. Antoine and Laure came to visit me here in Oslo. Its been quite a while since last I saw them and it was great to catch up !

They arrived thursday afternoon and we enjoyed french cheese that they had brought from France as well as crackers and some fruit for evening snacks :D This was enjoyed in company of a nice bottle of red wine :D We had a great time catching up and talking and enjoying a great time.

Friday Morning I had a driving lesson and my two guests set off on adventures with the Oslo pass, visiting museums and parks around Oslo :D

One-time BBQ

I met up with them at 5:30 and we went to Frognerparken (the Vigeland Park), but first we stopped at a groceries store to pick up a BBQ, some lovely salmon and hot dogs :D

We also picked up bananas and chocolate for dessert before we went into the park. Due to the lovely weather the park was FULL of other campers that wanted to spend the evening bbq’ing and enjoying the sunny evening. Families, groups of friends, lovers, young, old, tourists and locals. There were so many people in the park we hardly found a place to sit down.

The fountain bowl is carried of 5 male bronze statues. It looks lovely in the sunshine.

When we were done eating our lovely meal, we walked around in the park and enjoyed the sunset – taking pictures and having fun. We walked all the way down to the National theatre where we got the train back home.

On saturday Laure et Antoine went for another day of sightseeing while I stayed in doing laundry and cleaning and organizing the apartment after a few weeks filled with action and not much time to stay at home.

I met my guests around 4pm and we went groceries shopping before we headed towards Bygdøy and Huk Beach. There we settled in in the sun and started preparing our meal. We had fresh baguettes and fresh shrimps with mayo and 2 bottles of white wine. A wine which was completely perfect for a sunny, nice day having shrimp at the beach !!!! Deinhard – Green Label Riesling is the name.

We had such a great time together at the beach. Antoine even went for a swim.

Antoine et Laure

We went home around 10ish and enjoyed the evening before we all went to sleep.

Sunday morning Laure prepared french crepes for us for breakfast. It was sooo good :D They left around midday and it was sad to see them go :( I had a great time with my frenchies !



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