Blue Foundation

My first meeting with Blue Foundation was December 2008 through the OST for Twilight The Movie where Blue Foundation is represented with the song: Eyes on Fire

PS: IF the movie does not play directly from my blog post – then doubleclick the link and watch directly from youtube.

Later I got several albums of this group and I am loving them more and more.

Voices – from the album “Dead People’s Voices”

Little By Little – from the album “Life of a Ghost”

Hero Across the sky from the album “Life of a Ghost”

Equilibrium from the album “Life of a Ghost”

As I moved on from the album “Sweep of Days”

This is just a tiny selection of great songs by Blue Foundation. The Danish band Blue Foundation started out in 2000 based on Tobias Wilner, aka Bichi’s cooperation with various artists and musicians; his work with Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg and Bo Rande has been especially characteristic for the Blue Foundation sound. The music can be described as a mix of melodic dreamy pop influenced by indietronica and shoegaze. Tobias Wilner called it “folk music for modern people”.

Visit Blue Foundations official website
Visit Blue Foundations MySpace Site


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