CA week 14

This week I spent monday in the office and Tuesday I was at Tryvann again. Our customer is located right next to Tryvann Skisenter which is the best downhill skiing arena in Oslo.

Our customers location is at the Tryvannstower. The Tryvanns Tower has the best view of Oslo. It used to be open back in the days, but nowadays it has been sealed off for the general public. However considering we are working here – we have been promised a trip up to the top of the tower – on a sunny day – to enjoy the view.

Tryvann SkiSenter from my Office #2

Wednesday I spent back in the office working on my documentation for the project and same on Thursday.

Friday I was off to take the Driving – Long Distance Driving class.

As for my GCC Results for this week:
Monday: 7965
Tuesday: 11986
Wednesday: 10006 (only … BUT, I JOGGED 6000 OF THESE STEPS !!!!)
Thursday: 11058
Friday: 12357
Saturday: 8975
Sunday: 12456

Total Steps this week: 74803

As for other results due to this: Between July 26 2010 and Febuary 2011 I lost 15 kgs of overweight and I was soooo proud. Between the time I started working in CA until we started this challenge I gained 7 of those Kgs. NOT FUNNY!

So Im proud to announce – Until now I have lost 3 of those – still a few to go, but at least I am on my way.

My Team is The Flying Penguins and we are on a 32nd place CA worldwide!


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