Driving – Safety course on highway – part 1

Todays session started at Stovner & Groruddalen Trafikkskole with 2 hours of Theory classes.

The teacher was great. Very good at teaching and good at explaining as well. I had a great time with the two other girls before we set off to Skedsmokorset to meet up with Nils and the guy whom I was sharing car with today.  

Schlomo started off driving for the first hour and half. We mainly practiced with the other car (with the girls from Stovner & Groruddalen) driving past other cars on the highway in different areas of the highway. Curvy, straigth, with and without meeting traffic. Schlomo did not feel completely safe to drive with. He seemed a bit unconcentrated and not completely on top of this step of the training yet. Its not that he was bad, but he did take unnecessary risks not checking properly whether the lanes were clear to go when changing lanes and such. He also had difficulties with focusing on driving straight.

Midway on our way to Charlottenberg we changed and it was my turn to drive. A few startup problems and then we were on the roll !  It was darned interesting and lots of fun. It was great to drive and fun to learn this part of the training program. Apparently I did quite good. Schlomo fell asleep when I drove. That was kind of hilarious. Teach woke him up, because he wanted him to pay attention to how I was driving compared to him – however I took it as a huge compliment that the kid felt safe enough to drive with me that he fell asleep.

When we arrived in Charlottenberg we went for some swedish shopping. I kept a low profile and only got a few toys for the cat.

On our way back Schlomo started driving again. I was really keen on driving and it was painful to wait for 2 hours with Scholoms driving before I was allowed to drive again :D

This part of the road it was raining badly and I was allowed to drive a bit slower. We stopped by at Gardermoen and I immediately felt the urge of travelling somewhere again :D Oh well, you guys know me. Forever longing to discover new grounds …

I was happy that I was allowed to drive myself home – all the way to the door – in the rainy weather. It was pooring down by the time I got home and after a full day of training from 7am to 6pm – I took a nap :D

It was one of the most interesting learning lessons I had until now :D


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