Weekend in the deep forests

I spent the weekend down south with my dad and my 2 smaller sisters of 3 and 10 years of age. I had plans to leave early saturday morning, but weather in Oslo was so bad (rain rain rain) that I didnt even want to leave my apartment until it stopped raining somewhat. Hence I grabbed the bus that left Oslo at 3 pm. However as soon as we got just an hour and half southwards, it was already not raining and sun was peeking out from behind the clouds.

When I arrived Daddy and my sisters were waiting for me at the bus stop and we all went back to Eikenes together :D

It was great to see the changes there. Daddy is building his house and finally the outside is finished.

The new house - outside - Looking good, doesn't it?

Its impressive how daddy, uncle and a group of other guys are building this house all by themselves. Its quite a nice house and the inside will be really good looking as well !

Saturday night we had a nice evening indoors watching films and talking and playing with the kids :D

As for sunday we were greeted with wonderful sunny weather again and it was so lovely that I went strawberry picking with my sisters, before we went to the beach.

Ellen eating the strawberries we picked

Ellen and Linda @ the beach:

Ellen and Linda at the beach

Throughout the day it also became clear that the little kitten in the house, that was only 10 days old was missing his mommy. Mommy cat didnt come home last night and the kitten was really hungry and lonely. We tried searching for mommy cat, we tried feeding the little baby and Ellen even read him stories.

Ellen reading stories for the kitten (in the box) - so he wont have to be lonely until mommy comes back

We spent Sunday tanning and enjoying the weather, before we again went for another search round looking for the mommy cat. We then went to Kragerø with Uncle Antonie to check up on a infected wound he had in his neck and I took the kids for ice-cream.

When we got back we warmed the kitten and tried feeding him again. Mommy cat was still gone. We fed him by giving him milk and water and he was soo cute. :D

Mommy didnt return for the night and the kitten had to sleep alone again.

When I left monday midday mommy cat had still not returned, but daddy said she returned later that day. Apparently the other famale cat at the farm had given birth the day before and greycats mommy had adopted the other cats kittens. The younger cat had not started producing any milk at all when my dad found them, so it was clear that the oldest of the two had followed the younger cat when she was about to give birth and taken the kittens from the younger cat. Once my dad separated the two cats and their litters greycats mommy went back to greycat.

This way the story about the kitten continues and we are all happy he will make it :D


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