CA week 15

We started this week having monday off. This is the last Norwegian official holiday of the year until Christmas.  I love may :D Lots of long weekends.

I spent 3 days at Tryvann with the guys. Our first deadline is upcoming next tuesday and we need to push to finish in time. Tryvann is a great place. I like working up there. Normally my colleagues will pick me up in the morning and take me home. Which I find quite comforting. We have a nice time up there, however the weather up there is more unstable than down in the city and it rains a lot more often. However the view is so nice and the air smells so fresh. Its in the middle of the forest.

I only spent one day at the office and I must say its nice to meet up with the colleagues in the office as well.

GCC Results this week:
Monday: 21960
Tuesday: 10249
Wednesday: 11657
Thursday: 10968 
Friday: 3968
Saturday: 4567
Sunday: 3501

Total amount of steps: 66888

My amount of steps has not been impressive this week – however I feel I am excused as I have spent 3 days with fever and a bad cold. I had no energy to walk at all.


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