Childhood memories of coming to work with Daddy

Almost any kid in the world has once or twice joined their Mommy or Daddy for a day at work, when school or kindergarden was closed for vacation or Teacher planning days.

My daddy didn’t have a regular office job at that time. Well, honestly – he has never had an office restricted job. He likes it better outside. My daddy buildt telecommunication network masts  (including Television-, mobile- and cellphone network) and towers back then, and he was often on location. I remember he travelled a lot and it was incredibly cool to join him for work. I got to do things that none of the other kids may age got to experience.

I remember this one time when I was about 7-8 years old and in second grade at school. My dad and his team had job to set up a mast on an island an hour or two away from where we lived. One of my dads colleagues also brought his daughter for work this day and we were both allowed to join them in the helicopter ride out to the island. This was soooooo cool. When we arrived the Helicopter was already there as well as all the kids in a nearby school (that weren’t off on this day) that looked at us with envy and jealousy. We were so proud to be the two kids allowed to join for the helicopter ride (I guess it wouldnt have been THAT cool if it wasn’t for all the jealous kids standing around us).

The flight was really cool, we had a great time. The guys uncharged the load (which was very well secured) and the chopter prepared to fly back to get the rest of the cargo and the rest of the guys.  Christina and myself played at the island and everything was cool – until the chopter returned with several tons of weight of steel cargo. Suddenly that secured load didn’t really seem so secured any more and we ran off to hide in some bushes. We were both seriously scared the load would fall down in our heads (Not that hiding in some bushes would really protect us if several tons of metal would fall in our head, but when you are 8 – who uses logical thinking when faced with such a danger?), and the closer the Helicopter came, the more scared we got and we cried and comforted eachother in the bushes. Thankfully the chopter had gotten all the cargo over to the island at this point and it didn’t have to go back for more. Which meant that the two daddys had to comfort the kiddos :D

Apart from this minor detail – I still remember this day as really cool. We got to fly the chopter one more time (back home) and we had a lot of fun with eachother and it was really cool to be with daddy that day at work.

On another of these occations I got to go with Daddy to Tryvann (which is why I even started this train of thoughts). Tryvann is where I have been located for the past few weeks with work doing a project for a customer. When we enter the buildings we first have to walk through a long rock tunnel. The first day I walked through this tunnel – I told my colleague Dag, – This is really weird. I feel like I have been here before! This is brining back childhood memories.
Later that day I had to call my dad and I had to ask him about this. It seems my memories are correct. I have been here before. I was here with my daddy for work sometimes long ago. However I dont remember what year that was. I was older than 10 though. Its interesting :D

I also remember this one snowscooterride. It wasn’t exactly in relation to me joining my dad for work, but they did have to use snowscooters for work a lot in the winter to access remote locations and sometimes they were allowed to rent the scooter for a period as well.
I do remember this one time I joined my daddy to go to our cabin. Back in those days there was no roads to go to the cabin, we would have to use a boat to cross the lake from the parking lot to the cabin, so mainly we went during summer.

This one time we had to go check up on something during winter and my dad rented the snowscooter and off we went. It was already late winter and the ice had started to show signs of melting. It was still a pretty thick layer of ice almost all over, however in some spots close to land you could see the snow on top of the ice blending with the water from under. I asked daddy about this and he answered that for now the ice was still strong enough for us to ride over it with the snowscooter, because the snowscooter would pass so fast that the ice wouldn’t have time to break, however if we would make a stop one of the weaker areas, we would go under. This settled my mind and I remember we had a lot of fun riding superfast over the ice that day. We also drove on the snow on land and it was a great deal of fun. 

I used to swear that under no circumstances would I ever get a boring desk job due to the fun adventures I had joining daddy for work.
However much have changed since then and now I am here, in an office, remembering the fun I used to have when I joined my dad for work. I’m not saying my job is boring, cause its really not – but I did end up in an office :D

Thanks daddy for all these special memories :D
And thanks for all those memories we will continue to make for years to come!


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