Summer Party CA week 16

This week has been incredibly busy – both at work and during my spare time. On top of this I spent last weekend sick – something which followed me the whole week being in poorer shape than what I normally am. However, no matter how sick I was I did not have time to be sick.
I had a meeting with my knitting club, a video night with a colleague, baking night, an engagement party and the big summer party at work as well as a good bye party for a very good friend of mine.

Thankfully several of these activities were either in my home or at my friends homes, so I didn’t really need too much energy to go wild. It was a quite busy week, but very, very nice to spend so much time with people I enjoy a lot.

On Thursday baking night I baked cupcakes for my colleagues and the summer party for friday. The funnest part was of course to decorate them.

Lovely Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

Check This Link for the Recipe: Apple Banana Cupcakes

At work I was sick Monday (as well as the whole weekend) and I worked from home on Wednesday to save energy travelling and get well faster. I was working from Tryvann 2 days and from the office one day. I also had a talk with my colleagues to plan further progress for summer vacation and what kind of work I will be doing while the other guys I work with will be off on holiday (I will be saving mine until later and try to get a nice holiday then instead (it’s not like I need a vacation anyways – I did spend 3 months unemployed last winter).

As for the GCC Results of the week I realized that if you are sick, you can choose that option and get your average amount of steps – 10% instead of the lousy amount of steps I actually managed to walk (which only resulted in 3500 and 4000 steps a day. My average is a lot higher than that (13000 steps per day) and looks a lot nicer on the result list.

Here are the results of the week:
Monday: 11 439
Tuesday: 11 439
Wednesday: 10682
Thursday: 14563
Friday: 11987
Saturday:  13487
Sunday: 9872

As those of you actually paying attention to this blog knows we have had a competition going on at work with this GCC thing. The female and male with most steps individually in total, the female and male with most steps in one single day, and the team with the most steps in total all got a price. My team won the team price as we all have very steady walkers. We walk a lot and our team average is 12000 (My average actually being over the average by quite some. My highest single day result is 24875 steps. My total is 479.001 steps = 306.6 km. Total burn of calories =13304 !!! I sure am proud of myself  :D I always knew I walk a lot, but it looks so much cooler when you see the results like this. I also lost 3 kgs during these weeks and now I’m up for the rest of the challenge.. We are on until mid September with work.

I had a great week and now I am totally ready for 1 weeks vacation down south in Arendal at the Hove festival and meeting up with friends and family still living down there !


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