Packing – for my first festival ever

OK, I may have participated to a food and wine festival once or twice in my life, but normally they started at 10 am and ended by 10 pm the same day and frankly – I dont really count that as a festival in the same way as this. However there was music …

This was back in July 2006 – I went to the Toast New Zealand and Australia Festival in Regents Part, London. (Pictures here)
I went with my good friend Mariann that used to live outside London at the time. The reason I went to this festival was to see Dave Dobbyn from New Zealand after a friend of mine had recommended his music through her web page. I even got his autograph on both the CDs I bought :D

This of course was great fun – also due to all the delicious wine and beer we drank throughout the day. However this food was mainly about food and drinks from New Zealand and Australia and we were surrounded by Aussies and Kiwis – Really good looking Aussies and Kiwis. I sure have to go there one fine day !

This time the festival is a bit closer to home. Very much closer to home actually. Its in my childhood hometown Arendal and I am very exited. I still have to travel for several hours. I will sleep in a tent. YAY! OR??? Im far too fond of comfort to find the thought appealing to sleep in a tent. However some of the concerts I want to see are quite late at night and mom can’t come and get me every night. If its not raining Ill stay in the tent :D If its raining…. I better ask for a ride. :D

Im packing now.. Wondering what should I even bring to a festival ..

Apart from a sleeping bag and a tent, I have my raingear and boots in my bag, I have tanning lotion, sunglasses and bikini in case of sun. I should probably pack a towel or two as well in case we visit the beach (or just simply decide to take a shower). Weather predictions aren’t really impressive for ocean dipping, but better come prepared…
I have 2 hoodies, shorts, pants, privates and lots of tops… Just hoping it won’t rain too much.
The cat needs his food and stuff too (NO worries – kitty will NOT be attending the festival – he will be on vacation at my moms place those days).

Apart fr0m the purely pratcical stuff – I am very exited about all the musical experiences I am up for. My fav. day of the program is friday. With artists like JIMMY EAT WORLD (US), 30 SECONDS TO MARS (US), LINKIN PARK (US) and THE VACCINES (UK) I will have a great time.
On wednesday we got THE STROKES (US) and BRIGHT EYES (US).
Thursday TIMBUKTU & DAMN (SE)BIG BOI (US)ROBYN (SE) and ARCHITECTS (UK) will rock the scene.
Friday bands like THE MARS VOLTA (US) will play and deadmau5 (CAN) will end the show with a hefty lightshow over the forests of Hove.
I also know I will discover new music. I am really exited!

This time Im travelling alone. I know of a few people going to be there, but visitors numbers are predicted to about 75.000 hence I have no idea if I actually manage to meet up with them  (Or Rather FIND them). Im not worried. Among so many people I am bound to meet someone I know or get to know. I used to live in this town for 16 years. I may actually get to know a few new souls as well…

I am very exited now – done packing and heading down to the bus station…


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