Dancing @ the Harbour

I spent most of today at my moms home. I worked a bit – despite being on vacation – and checked up on lots of information about the festival. It was also lovely to spend time with Grandma.

At night Mom and I went into town where we attended the weekly monday night swing and Rock’n’roll dancing event. This time it was down at the Harbour and it was a lovely evening, despite it being at night and a heavy layer of fog weighing down over the city.

Arendal Swingclub in action - dancing the summer nights away

I even got to refresh a few of my old skills myself. I dont lack of skills, but I do lack being well excersized. I had a great time down at the dock dancing with good old friends from back in the days. With one of them I discovered – I have danced for  30 years now. I started joining my mom for dancing classes and courses back in 1981! I should start again ! I had a blast tonight. It was so fun!
One of my moms friends even said I could stay over at her place instead of stressing around to get a tent (oh yeah. Hehehe. Thats another story. The tent my mom was letting me borrow – they had forgotten to get it back from the last person that borrowed it – So now Im without a tent for the festival tomorrow). She actually lives IN the city instead of 35 minutes driving outside of it :D That would rock ! I may not stay that late all the days either, but lets face it – its good to be as free as possible !

As we were leaving I had to take a picture of these yachts in the dimming twilight. They looked so idyllic.

Yachts in the Twilight


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