30 Seconds To Mars

My first meeting with 30 Seconds to Mars was in California in November 2009. I was in a Hot Topic store and they played the newest 30STM record (This is War) promoting it in the store. It was short before release date. I wanted to purchase the album right away – however they hadn’t gotten the album for sale (just for promo) and I ordered it on Amazon when I got home that same day. It arrived by mail a few days later and I was happy.

30STM is the band of the Hollywood actor Jared Leto, his brother Shannon and guitarist Tomo Miličević.

Today they performed at Hovefestivalen in Arendal, Norway and they delivered some show! However – I must admit that the concert in itself is not among the best I have seen (or heard). Jareds band mates mainly stayed in the back of the stage, letting Jared run around doing his thing. This works in some ways, but mainly for the kids (Anyone under 25 – Please dont feel offended if you dont categorize yourself in this category and are under 25)…  Jared was more busy focusing on showing off, getting people to scream and jump (endless encouraging to jump) and what about those pants? They looked like something women wore in Norway 20 years ago to wear pants, but pretend they were skirts. Weird. The kids liked it ! :D

30STM Did put on a blast of a show

They played lots of good songs from the “This is War” album.  Im very happy about that part! AND I got a T-shirt ! YAY. I still had a great time and it was a good concert!

Now – Im only waiting for todays most awaited band: Linkin Park

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews
Pre concert article – Dagbladet


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