All Time Low

All Time Low is not the title of a Festival that sucks, or a band that sucks – but a band it sure is – a band that put on a very energetic and cool show.

They may actually have aimed their biggest fan group a bit lower than my age though :D however they definately were the band that got most bra’s thrown at them.

Note the brah's hanging from the microphone ...

I think I counted a minimum of 15 bra’s and lots of panties as well hanging from the microphone, but with comments like;

– I’m having a problem in my shorts over here. I’m building a tent!
– I’m searching for a tent to sleep in tonight. I didn’t bring my own!
– I’m gonna have sex! Someone’s getting pregnant tonight!

at least the kids were extatic ! The Rock roared from the speakers and Jack even jumped over the fence and rocked with his guitar in mid crowd!

All Time Low putting on a very energetic show

This is a band I had never heard of prior to the concert and I am quite happy I got to know them now. I think I may just have to aquire some of their tunes !

Check out the bands playlist on their website:

Now over to: The Vaccines


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