Linkin Park

I have listened  to Linkin Park for years and years. I dont even remember when I first heard of LP (or potentially my memory going bad with age – however it works perfectly if I need it to). Thats how long ago I started liking LP  !

This is Linkin Park played at Hovefestivalen. It is their FIRST visit EVER to Norway and they were one of the reasons I even cared about purchasing the ticket.

Linkin Park playing in Norway. Awesome concert

Extatic is my experience with this concert. Of course, I am one of the Fans and I was of course located right in front of the stage (a bit to the right side to not be in the middle of the crazy bunch). The concert was a BLAST! It was an energetic, completely awesome show and we got lots of new songs and some of the old classics. I am very, very happy about not missing out on this one !!!

Video from the performance at Hove

Other music videos from LP


Waiting for the End


In the End

Waiting for the End

It was a fantastic concert, great songs and despite the newspaper reviews I had a great time !!! A really great time ! I’m so getting this album ! And I picked up a LP A Thousand Suns Tour T-shirt!!.

Where Aftenposten and VG claims that audio was lame and LP no longer delivers due to age and that people left the concert due to bad performance (over 20 000 people were present, it was the last concert of the day – a few of them hmay have left early to avoid complete traffic chaos once concert ended), Dagbladet praised the concert high.

Norwegian Newspaper Reviews
(Where I actually suspect Dagbladets reviewer to be a bigge fan of the band than the other 2 reviewers – where Dagbladet cant praise LP enough, VG and Aftenposten claims the concert was low quality – Its always about preferences)


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